Programmatic Bridge

Smart analysis of RTB data

Optimize your ad space sales through RTB auctions and maximize online advertising profits. But you can only do this when you have all the information at hand. Otherwise, it is just the divination of the crystal ball that sometimes comes out, but you burn much more often. Thanks to us, you will base your decisions on accurate data, which you will also be in control of every day.

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You receive data in a different form from each partner who sells your ad space in RTB auctions. Working with them is lengthy and laborious. We took them to great and simplified everything. This allows you to easily compare eg eCMP in a specific position for individual partners, fill-rate or total partner returns in our reports. And when you engage your business systems, you'll also have an overview of RTB performance and in-house sales across sites, positions, and formats. Programmatic Bridge can be set up only once and then it will do all the work for you. It is fast and efficient and saves you money, time and nerves.

  • Connection to RTB systems

    We connected all the most used RTB systems. We are continuing to connect others - if you are using a system that we do not already have, let us know. We will have a look at it. In the meantime, before you plug it in, you can easily upload your data from Excel.

  • Comparison of direct and RTB sales

    Track the performance of your direct campaigns and evaluate the profitability of sales of specific formats in direct and RTB over time.

  • Reporting in details

    Define your own charts, tables and reports, or use ready-made templates. You can customize everything to see what you need at a glance. We also have an in-depth analysis tool or we can export datasets to Excel.

  • Data like in the vault

    We have many years of experience in managing our clients' data. Your data is absolutely safe with us. We leave nothing to chance - we regularly audit the security of the system and our processes. And we back up the data carefully in another datacenter.

  • Overview of Private Deals

    Follow your merchants' privite deals and let them know how their campaigns are doing. Each trader can have an overview of the fulfillment of their trades; Nothing will surprise you at important meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the data stored?

    The data are stored in the MongoDB database on our Mongo Cloud. Data are accessible only through the application.

  • Where is your application running?

    We run the application on our Kubernetes Cloud.

  • How do you ensure performance and availability?

    Operating in a reliable Kubernetes Cloud and scaling each part of the system according to needs and workload, we are confident that system performance will always be as it should be.

  • How often do you update?

    We continually develop the system, fix small details and add new possibilities. So we update almost every week.

  • How do I find, what's new?

    Whenever we create an interesting feature or fix something, we let the administrator know. In addition, we are preparing the opportunity to view the news directly in the system.

  • I need to add a new partner, what should I do?

    Contact our customer support directly in the system and together we'll figure out how to do it. We may need some cooperation from you and your partner.

  • What the term RTB means?

    RTB (Real Time Bidding) is automatic sale model of online banners which is realized via action.There are Publishers on one side offering their inventory and advertiseres on the other side searching for advertising opportinities. Therefore Advertisers mayn't use clasical direct puchase form Publishers. They could buy necessary marketing inventory via DSP (Demand Side Platform). DSP enables precise campaign planning.

  • Mapping data from partners is complex, and standard tools aren't enough. Is there anything you can do about it?

    For such cases we have prepared the possibility of scripting complex tasks and algorithms. Let us know our support, we will be happy to help you.

  • Who is behind the Programmatic Bridge?

    Programmatic Bridge is manufactured and maintained by Media Solutions. We have been working for companies in the media market since 1999. You can find our products and references at

  • How do you calculate the used monthly storage capacity?

    Every day we monitor the maximum use of your storage (you can also - everything is accessible directly in the system). At the end of the month, we average the values, and if the average exceeds the base package, we add the difference to the invoice for the next period.

  • Can we get rid of old data so that it doesn't waste data in storage?

    No problem. You can set how long you want to keep the data in the system and we will delete all older data for you continuously. In addition, you can set how long and in what details we will aggregate the data. The last few months you can have daily with private deals and older data, for example, monthly or weekly without them. With this solution, storage is significantly reduced and you still have all the information you need.

  • Can we better compare sales of direct and RTB campaigns?

    If we know direct sales data, for example, if you use our Contract advertising software, you simply and neatly evaluate your merchants' advertising sales and compare them to programmatic sales.

  • What Programmatic Sale is?

    Programmatic Sale means purchase through Programmatic Systems which ensure automatic elaborated online banner sale. Those systems work on the base of detailed automatic computer processes and algorythms.


  • Dashboard available daily data for Programmatic Sales analysis
  • RTB comparison of direct and RTB sales performance
  • Imports detailed overview of individual data imports
  • Pivot easy reporting of RTB data